Will Eisner original cover art: wraparound Spirit Mag. #22 painting

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This very dramatic watercolor and ink painting was created by Will Eisner in 1979 as the wraparound cover for Spirit Magazine #22. The printed magazine carried a front cover blurb, "The Spirit... Blinded!" The disabled Spirit carries his logo almost as a cross. Twenty-one finely delineated criminals at the foot of a suspension bridge to Central City (visible on the horizon) laugh at his helpless situation. The majority of Eisner's cover paintings had the logo "dropped in" mechanically. This is one of the few with the logo hand painted, a nice touch on an item you'll want to frame and display prominently in your collection. The colors are considerably brighter than the printed magazine. Also one of Will's larger paintings at 26" wide x 18" high. Signed in lower right corner and dated 1979. Price: $7,500.00