Will Eisner original Spirit art: "Blubber" (2/17/46)

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In the previous Spirit story, "As Ever Orange" (2/10/46), the Spirit's long-time sidekick Ebony decided to return to school to rid himself of his embarrassing "minstrel accent." In this self-parody, The Spirit pursues nefarious whaling pirate Blind Batt on an arctic adventure. Along the way he meets and teams up with an Eskimo boy named Blubber who speaks perfect English. Blubber proves resourceful as he and The Spirit evade the doomed pirate crew. Sensing afterward that The Spirit needs an assistant, he ships himself to Central City and, for several episodes, he replaces Ebony as second banana. (Note: original artwork for the preceding story, "As Ever Orange" is also available from this agency."

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