Will Eisner original Spirit artwork --- "The Atomic Bomb" (2/3/46)

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This story, published less than a year after America's atomic bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was quite controversial according to Spirit historian Cat Yronwode: "In typical thought-provoking fashion, the first, most obvious conclusion ---that Eisner thinks the atomic bomb is "bad"--- is undercut and ridiculed by showing a group of cavemen discovering fire at the end of the story. If humankind has managed to tame fire, can we not also tame the atom? ....Years later the answer is still not clear, but one thing is sure--- Eisner was not far wrong in showing that a little boy could build an atomic bomb. Simplified plans for bombs have been printed in various newspapers and magazines, and those who have political power to start nuclear war sometimes act more like little boys than like grown men."

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