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 Our unbelievable snow fall Monday/Tuesday Feb. 6, 2001


It snowed literally for 24 hours straight. By Tuesday morning, we had roughly 24 inches (more or less depending on where you stand) of brand new snow. This doesn't include the foot that was already there from past storms the last month. Basically, we now have 3 feet of snow piled at any given point in our yard (not counting the pushed snow from the plow.)

Here are some photos, though they don't do justice to actually seeing all this stuff everywhere!



RIGHT: Our front door. Yep, the snow is up to the door knobs! That'll wake you up at 7 am. BRRRR!




BELOW: The view from our bedroom deck. Notice the chair and doorknob (in left photo). You can see how high it's piled. The railing outside is somewhere around 3 feet high.





The view from inside our garage. I wish I had taken a picture BEFORE we started shoveling!


It took me several hours (with rests in between) to shovel out snow that essentially came up to just above my knee caps.


The snow plow got most of the drive way up to the truck, but we had to dig out the rest of the way up to the garage doors - and - we had to dig out the truck ourselves.\


Later this day I had to dig out our mailboxes at the end of the driveway. The snow literally came up to the bottom of the box. You could not see a "stand" anywhere.


Speaking of our truck, here it is after we dug it out. Snow was piled up to the tops of the tire wells.

And finally, the view from our driveway: