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Deluxe Hardcover Crumb Art Book & Serigraph!
The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book was published in easy-to-find softcover editions and in hardcover by both Kitchen Sink Press (much scarcer) and its large publishing partner Little, Brown. But only Kitchen Sink published the deluxe edition which includes the hardcover KSP imprint hardcover housed in a heavy duty illustrated slipcase and a 14-color Serigraph signed & numbered by R. Crumb (pictured below) on rag paper. Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. Serigraph is in mylar within slipcase. Entire 11" x 13.75" package shrinkwrapped. Without question the most impressive Crumb book ever published. Retailed for $ 300.00 in 1997.

front of book



back of book:


Signed 14-Color Serigraph, "Self-Portrait with Dancer": 

Debossed self-portrait on front of Slipcover: 

Detail only below. Actual slipcase measures 13.75" high. The spine is silver foil-stamped Crumb lettering.

The above scanned copy is a duplicate: the one shipped will obviously have a different serigraph signed number.